Get the Meghan Sleek look

MEGHAN MARKLE is well known for her beautiful long, shiny hair. Apart from having a Hairstylist on call 24/7 like the Duchess of Sussex how can you achieve the same look?

As well as having impeccable style, the Duchess of Sussex is famed for her long, glossy hair often she wears it in an up-do, as on her wedding day, but recently more she is opting for the loose waves favoured by her sister in law Kate Middleton.

We recommend either Mythic oil by L'OREAL which is a luxurious multi-purpose Oil, now with added heat protection of up to 230°C. Infused with a rich blend of precious oils, including Argan Oil. This formula softens, adds shine and radiance to the hair without weighing it down.

Its lightweight and fluid texture is ideal for detangling after cleansing and adding radiance before or after blow-drying, combined with the matching shampoo and conditioners this a cost effective solution.

The other alternative we offer has even more refined natural ingredients and added Keratin, Healing Oil by L'ANZA is a high end lightweight oil.

Using Keratin Healing Oil alone is proven to give outstanding results, including faster drying time, smoother, shinier and stronger hair. For unsurpassed health, beauty and radiance, we suggest using L’ANZA’s complete Keratin Healing Oil synergy system.

Ask your stylist what we recommend specifically for your hair type to get the Meghan Markle look next time you visit.